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Paktli Celebration "JOY" Gift Box

Paktli Celebration "JOY" Gift Box

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The Paktli Gift Box is a perfect blend of tradition, taste, and craftsmanship.

This elegant and innovative gift box is an ideal choice for any holiday or celebration, especially as a distinctive corporate gift. Inside, you'll find an array of 12 delectable PAKTLI puffed ancient grain alegrias, each offering a unique combination of creamy chocolate and the airy crunch of millet, amaranth, and quinoa.


  • 12 PAKTLI Ancient Grain Alegrias

  • A handmade textile from Oaxaca -  perfect to decorate a table!

These Alegrias come in assorted flavors, including White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Blueberries & Cacao Nibs, and Extra Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Cashews. Crafted with care, these treats are a testament to the rich flavors and quality of Mexican cuisine, made with ethically sourced, high-quality chocolate and gluten-free ingredients.

The highlight of the gift box is a beautiful, handmade textile from Oaxaca, created by skilled women artisans using a traditional pedal loom. This exquisite fabric, perfect for table decoration, symbolizes our commitment to honoring and celebrating the rich heritage and artistry of Oaxacan culture. Our branding, inspired by these stunning textiles, reflects our dedication to sustainability and support for artisan communities.

The Paktli Holiday Gift Box is more than just a gift; it's an experience that brings together the essence of Mexican culinary and artistic traditions, making it an ideal present for those who value heritage, quality, and mindful indulgence.


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