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Behind the scenes

About Paktli

PAKTLI means JOY in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, one of the ancient cultures that revered amaranth. They knew all of amaranth's nutritional wonders, used it as a staple of their diets, and for their ceremonies. Amaranth almost became extinct when the Aztecs were conquered, but it has come back into popularity now that it has been named "crop of the future”. I grew up in Mexico eating ALEGRIAS (which also means JOY!), a snack dating to the 16th century made from puffed amaranth and honey or chocolate. PAKTLI is my version of the ancient Mexican alegrias.

All Organic

I use puffed amaranth plus puffed quinoa and millet, highly nutritious ancient grains that are also considered superfoods. I mix the grains with high quality organic ingredients including chocolates, blue agave syrup, and whole dried fruits and nuts. Never any additives. Always preservative free. I hope you enjoy and that your days are filled with PAKTLI. -Seena Chriti

About the Founder

Seena Chriti is a Food and culture expert with TV and print media experience. Her focus is on the visual media such as TV video producing of Food segments. Her passion is the relationship of food with culture, history, art, its meaning, and symbolism. 
 She has worked in television, newspaper, magazines always highlighting the historical or symbolic value of food so that it is never taken for granted since it is considered one of the most important aspects of human life. Food is the only element of culture that enters our body and becomes part of us.

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