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Paktli Holiday Gift Box

Paktli Holiday Gift Box We created this precious and elegant gift box that is perfect for any holiday  and celebration. Your solution for a...

PAKTLI Puffed Ancient Grain Variety Snack Pack

Handmade Artisan Puffed Ancient Grain Snack - Variety Pack!  Inspired by the Mexican alegrías! Want to try our delicious paktli flavors but not sure which...
$28.00 from $14.00

White Chocolate Ancient Grain Puffs

Artisan Ancient Grain Puffs  Inspired by the Mexican alegrías! Made with same delicious ingredients as our regular Paktli, but now you can add them to your yogurt, cereal, caramel,...
from $9.00

White Chocolate Puffed Ancient Grain Snack

Handmade Artisan Puffed Ancient Grain Snack  Inspired by the Mexican alegrías! We use delicious puffed ancient grains combined with creamy white chocolate to create a balanced &...
$28.00 from $14.00

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